If we contiue to pollute the ocean
we will poison ourselves as we have fish and birds.

Most Garbage

The majority of stuff we throw out is plastic.
As a result of the industrial revolution we have become a throw-away society.
In the past 50 years the introduction of plastics has changed our lives.
Although the inert properties of polymers protect us from bactira and other atmosphreric contaminants there is a down side.


While plastics are water resistant and air tight the are non-biodegradable.
Due to this fact they do not break down in the open environment.
In landfills and in the ocean, plastic waste will exsist for centuries.

Cause & Effect

Although wind blown waste and littering near the coastline enter waterways directly.
All rivers and streams eventually lead to the ocean.
As a result of illeagle dumping and the run-off from storm drains and washes.
Plastic waste has made it's way through tributaries to the oceans.

The Great Garbae Patch

The North Atlantic Current circulates throughout every ocean on the planet.
There are subcurrents that exist.
The Youtube videos below will show you everything.

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